This Year's Cause

This year's CAUSE: Project L'Chaim

Two things we know: 1. Loneliness is the biggest source of pain in long term care. Residents spent a great deal of time over the past three years isolated in their rooms. Therapeutic recreation and entertainment NOW is critical to restoring quality of life in long term care. 2. The cost of EVERYTHING has gone up dramatically.  For example, an adapted bus to take residents on a outing used to cost $400 . Post covid it costs $900!!   The Kosher food cost for a Sabbath post service kiddush went up by 80%. These are but very simple examples of what the Foundation provides our residents. 


We are currently providing $120,000 a year for therapeutic recreation activities. We provide an extra $50,000 for heritage cultural activities mostly centered around the synagogue and holiday celebrations. Those numbers will skyrocket in the coming year!  We need to raise more monies now to improve the days and months our residents have with us NOW!! We are calling this effort Project L'CHAIM. We want to provide our residents with the programs to bring life to their living. We want to increase our giving for this to $250,000 per year.


TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FOR ALL THINGS GOOD!! If Covid has taught us anything it is time to sit in the livingroom and use the good dishes!! Thank you all for helping us do this for our residents. This truly will be a FEEL GOOD Battle to help make our residents FEEL GOOD!!