This Year's Cause

For Battle 2023, help us raise money for innovative and exciting programs to improve the lives of our residents NOW.

Below are a few of the innovative programs that the Foundation supports. You will learn more about these at the 2023 DBM Battle of the Bands.

  • The Hololens Project which enables our residents to get a medical consultation with a doctor at a hospital without ever having to leave their bed. The onsite staff member uses the HoloLens to show the doctor at a different location exactly what the resident is experiencing in real time allowing for a timely diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • A portable digital X-Ray machine allows residents to have medical imaging done in their rooms and digitally transmit the results for analysis directly to the radiologist..  It benefits residents by avoiding hospital visits with quicker diagnosis and treatment. For those with dementia, it also means less anxiety and more comfort.

  • Virtual Technology goggles allow our residents to simply put on a headset and they’re immediately transported into an immersive experience They can travel to all corners of the world or even virtually attend a family Simcha. The experience is incredibly powerful, particularly among older adults experiencing cognitive decline, impaired vision or mobility restrictions.

We need to raise more monies now to improve the days and months our residents have with us NOW!! Thank you all for helping us do this for our residents.


We have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from this year’s Battle of the Bands to Magen David Adom. They provide ambulances, medical equipment and first responders on the ground in Israel. Together, we are a community.