This year, once again, we are unable to have a LIVE Battle of the Bands event. For the safety of all, we will have a SMART Battle of the Bands. We are asking for your help to purchase 42 inch SMART televisions with the proper wall mounting devices for each of our resident’s rooms. During the Covid crisis, we have seen how important it is for our long-term care residents to stay connected. These Tvs’ all have integrated internet and web features which will allow our residents to stream music and videos , browse the internet and view photos with their visitors.

Our Presentation Sponsor National Bank Private Banking 1859 is once again leading the way by honouring their financial commitment.

We hope that you will join them by donating to our SMART Battle of the Bands.

A donation of 1000$ will sponsor the purchase of one TV. We need to purchase 350 TV’s. Please click HERE to learn more about this project and to make a donation.