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The 5:15 " The 5:15 will play rock classics that will make your feet stomp and your fists pump. "
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The 5:15’s lead singer Marc Kimmel has been a part of the Maimonides family for over 15 years and is excited to finally be playing in the Battle. The 5:15 is a hard rocking “garage” band that will blow you away. Made up of a group of cousins Marc Kimmel, Jon and Doug Stein and friends Matt Aisen, John Bowie and Steve Lubotta, all of whom are Battle alum, The 5:15 will play rock classics that will make your feet stomp and your fists pump.

Band members:

• Marc Kimmel
• Jon Stein
• Doug Stein
• Matt Aisen
• John Bowie
• Steve Lubotta

Recent Contributors

Evan Feldman Amount: $ 360 Date Received: 12/3/2018
Karen And Jeff Waxman Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 12/2/2018
Eric Kimmel Amount: $ 200 Date Received: 11/26/2018
Lisa & Ronny Steinberg Amount: $ 180 Date Received: 11/26/2018
Andrea Miller Amount: $ 180 Date Received: 11/25/2018
Jeffrey Grostern Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 11/13/2018
Allan Gilmour Amount: $ 250 Date Received: 11/8/2018
"Good luck... have fun"
Arie Koifman Date Received: 11/2/2018
Jeff Mitelman Date Received: 10/31/2018
UNITED CORPORATIONS OF THE AMERICAS INC. RUBIN Amount: $ 360 Date Received: 10/30/2018
Danny Steinberg Amount: $ 200 Date Received: 10/29/2018
"Hope your voice is better than your backhand :) Good luck!"
Richard Payne Amount: $ 180 Date Received: 10/28/2018
"Rock on :)"
Lloyd Feldman Amount: $ 181 Date Received: 10/28/2018
"Marc, excellent cause! Break a leg! Proud to support you and the cause."
Anonymous Amount: $ 11689 Date Received: 10/27/2018