Well another year has quickly gone by and your (Past Their) Prime Time Players have been hard at work preparing a powerful set for your musical enjoyment. (yeah right!.. truth is, if we can get our lazy arses moving for just one rehearsal it’d be a miracle!) Anyhow, it seems most of you are quite curious to hear more tidbits about the band so here goes...

Geoff Lang used to be a biker that hung out with a Jewish motorcycle gang known as the Drerd Malaks (hint: Yiddish… look it up!). They were a mean bunch doing despicable acts like threatening victims to buy retail, using switchblades to slice open kosher products and replace them with trayf, holding minyans with only nine people… the list goes on. Thankfully Geoff was deprogrammed and became the fine drumming mensch you see today.
Richard Yanofsky went to Switzerland with Keith Richards in the Eighties. While Keith changed his blood, Richard put in motorized hips. Now you know how he became one of Quebec’s top over-forty tennis players.

Jeff Stattner is a scratch golfer. However his doctor just gave him a new ointment and suggested loose boxers. The itching should subside before his next time out on the links. Rob Goldfarb earned an honorary rating by landing his plane inside Donald Trump’s mouth. He said it was easy because there was plenty of room. He plans to land on Trump’s ego next year. Wayne Smith can eat Ruby Roman grapes by inhaling them through his nostrils. (Please don't ask for a demonstration. It’s not pretty…) Sheli Stevens sang for the Sultan of Brunei. He was so impressed he offered to make her his 437th wife but she turned him down saying more than four hundred is just gauche. Well there you have it. Until we see you on the night of Monday, Dec. 4th we bid you adieu. Oh and don’t forget to bring your cheque books, credit cards, cash, donkeys, goats… We hear there will be some great auction stuff at the BOB. All for a great cause, right? DON’T BE CHEAP! (er, that is, please give what you can.)

Thank you.
The PTP Management

If you cannot make it to this year’s battle of the bands please make a donation through our donations page to help support Donald Berman Maimonides.

Band members:

• Robert Goldfab - Keyboards
• Geoff Lang - Drums
• Wayne Smith - Bass, Vocals
• Jeff Stattner - Guitar, Vocals
• Shelley Stevens - Lead Vocals
• Richard Yanofsky - Keyboards