Well here we are, the third edition of the PTPTP. Why the 3.0? Because 2.0 is so last year…

We begin with some sad news. Jeff Stattner, an original PTPTP has departed us. He’s gone to that big band in the sky. NO, HE’S NOT DEAD!! He moved to Toronto where he plays occasionally in the Sky Lounge of the CN Tower… alright he doesn’t, but of course we wish him only the best in T.O. (DESERTER!!)

Anyhow, this year we bring back some favorite alumni and have a couple of new members as well.
In a year where the focus has been on women (and the creepy guys who haven’t been so nice to them), we are proud to introduce our ultra-bright, ultra-talented, ultra-cool, bass player, Maren Gube. She is a product of Finland. Yes, she’s Finnish and she hasn’t even started… (just had to say that). Maren thinks we are so polite and funny. OK, maybe we are polite...

Returning on guitar this year and filling the void of that defector, (er, Jeff), we have for your pleasure the maven of the fretboard, the man with the slicing, dicing, wit… that groovy king, Howard Forman.

The PTPTP is truly blessed this year to have once again Uber vocalist and fellow Royal Groover, Irene Marc. Making an encore as vocal support for Irene is the lovely and talented Dale Parks who will share harmonies with a PTPTP newbie, the sonically gifted Danielle Pullen. As always, beating the skins is our master of whack and true gentleman, Geoff Lang. Sure, drummers are nice… what better way to get all the aggression out. BTW, few people are aware that Geoff can play Wipe Out with his feet. Unfortunately, he was demonstrating this ability while driving on the 15 Sud. Have to say, those teeth implants are looking good, Geoff…

Let’s not forget we need even more noise up on stage. Thus, we are including some more percussive pounding artfully delivered by our very own, Danielle Cinelli, who just happens to be coming off his book tour entitled, “Bedtime For Bongo”.

Our Piano Man is well known in these here parts. He’s got a Big Mouth… (oops, sorry, that’s his daughter, Nikki). Actually, Richard is the only person we know who can swat a mean forehand and play Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man at the same time! Take a bow… Richard Yanofsky.

Across the miles (er, stage), in his recurring role on keyboards and organ is Rob Goldfarb, a man who can see eye to eye with Paul Simon. Rob has decided to forgo attempting to sing backup, when after the second week of practice, Richard’s dog quietly approached him and whispered, “I have some time available next Thursday…”.

Above all, it is the PTPTP’s absolute honour to be playing for such a worthy cause. The Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre truly needs your help so Give! Give! Give! You can keep a little something for yourself of course, like your second-born…

If you cannot make it to this year’s battle of the bands please make a donation through our donations page to help support Donald Berman Maimonides.

Band members:

• Daniel Cinelli - Percussion
• Howard Forman - Guitar
• Robert Goldfarb – Keys and Organ
• Maren Gube - Bass
• Geoff Lang - Drums
• Irene Marc – Lead Vocals
• Dale Parks - Vocals
• Danielle Pullen – Vocals
• Richard Yanofsky - Piano